Friday, 5 September 2014


Fake ID
Fake profile
Fake picture
Fake blood
Fake nose
Fake tan
Fake branded thingy
Fake boobs
Fake ass
Fake intimacy
Fake orgasm
Fake smile
Fake compliment
Fake spirit
Fake friend
Fake feeling
Fake lover

Fake Fake Fake

You are fake!
She is fake!
He is fake!
They are fake!

All fake

We are surrounded by everything that is fake

So why don't you being fake as well?
It won't make you feel any pain and drop any tears

You are not a saint, just be fake

Don't think, just be fake
Don't feel, just be fake

Throw your heart away
Far away
So far that you cannot find it anymore

Beside, people will not know if you are fake
Because they are also fake

Now stop wailing and start being fake!

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