Sunday, 18 April 2010

Can't Believe That He Has Passed Away... (R.I.P Freddie Mercury 1946-1991)

After listening some Queen song, I just still can't believe that the most amazing singer has passed away almost 19 years ago. Hhhh... Where in the world can we find such a singer like him? The most amazing song that I've just heard is The March of The Black Queen from Queen II album. I admiring his voice in this song. Oh my! You must hear this song.

Then my favorite song belongs to Save Me. I'm not admiring his voice but the lyrics in this song. Because it represented my own feelings in the past. Yeah, I was a broken-heart girl once. But now I've been moved on. But this song still be my favorite.

Then the last Queen song that I like is Nevermore. Same like Save Me, I like this song because of it's lyrics. And Freddie brought this song quite nicely. His voice can make us get into this song. FYI, if you are broken-heart, this song is also good to heal your broken heart. ;P

So, if you are read this blogs and one of Queen fans by any chance. Tell me what's your favorite Queen song. And give me reason.

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