Saturday, 4 February 2017

Selamat Datang Februari!

I know I should've been finishing the Dynamic Lovebirds story right after I got my laptop back. At least some times in January on this fresh year. But, I don't know, so many things to went through on first month of this year which holding me to finish the story. Instead, in January I've made 4 poems and trust me, the poems were not about missing someone in romantic way or my dreams about having somebody by my side like I used to write before.

As usual, Sherly always have at least one month(and maximum 2 months) without any blog entry. And for this year, it's on January. Hope that will be the first and the last empty month for this year. :)

After this post, I'm going to post all the poems I wrote in January. Then I'm going to post last 2 chapters of Dynamic Lovebirds story.

Let me get a warm welcome for my favorite month in this odd year. Wish the month this year will give me at least a little happiness to help me bear my life for the next 10 months ahead.

Cheers! ^^

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